We work with respect of what Mother Nature teach us.


Our strength is in the attention of productive processes and specific applications of vegetable matters. We work those matters in the full respect of the Nature in order to obtain a complete product.



In the last years we gain a solid experience in the field of industrial transformation of vegetable matters. Today, we make available our plants at the service of other companies.



We can help you to design new plans and businesses. Thanks to our experience and systemic vision, the new businesses will be without waste and give new value to underestimated vegetable matters.


Our vision

Look at the infinite resources of the nature in order to make them available to the human beings, to  the environment and to the animals.

Our company

Since 1985, Agrindustria transforms products for many different sectors: food, feed, gardening, wpc, ecoenergy, cosmetics, vibratory finishing, sandblast, vegetable fillers.

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News and Events

  • New bio-certification coming soon

    Agrindustria undertakes the authorization process for processing organic products, as well as conventional ones. The demand for organic products is growing and Agrindustria with thirty years experience in processing crop products on a contract basis has seen  to meet the demands of the market by acquiring the required certifications.

  • Biodegradable vegetable litter

    The office Research & Development of the company is about to conclude the development of a new biodegradable granular litter for cats. This product is from the agglomerating type, thus allowing a considerable product saving in the daily management of pet’s waste.

  • ILO visiting Agrindustria

    A delegation of experts from International Labour Organization part of UN,  will visit the headquarters of Agrindustria, to see an innovative business model that is attentive to the welfare of people and the environment. On Monday, October 10th the company’s doors will be open to share the experience and be an inspiration to other industries.