The intelligence of nature…

Agrindustria acts as a perfect intermediary between agriculture and industry, between nature’s resources and all the utilizations that man can realize or think of. Nature is a partner for our firm, as the production and the obtained products are the result of an accurate survey of the vegetable world. Man needs to draw inspiration from nature: he needs to observe it, to try to get to know it and imitate it as much as possible. Nature and quality are so an essential couple for our firm, working with the utmost respect for the vegetable world. It takes the natural cycles and their results as a model, without altering them: Agrindustria observes the nature and learns from it, to produce as simple as practical and useful products for alimentary, industrial, handmade and domestic uses. Our firm intends to transform what is considered secondary in the industrial production’s processes (for example almond shells, corncobs, sawdust) to get from it: fibres, meals, grains, combustible material for biomasses. Agrindustria wants to take inspiration from the circular economy of nature, in which the waste of every cycle becomes an input for another cycle. In nature garbage doesn’t exist: nothing is unnecessary, even the littlest element has an essential role.

…for the sake of industry

Active since 1985, Agrindustria was born from his owner Giuseppe Tecco’s intention. He intended to found a firm able to transform secondary vegetal products into industrial products useful for people. Our company produces pre-cooked food flour, soft vegetable abrasives, bases for cosmetics, supports for the pharmaceutical and animal feed industries, materials and vegetable additives for many uses. Services, such as grinding, micronisation, heat treatments, pelleting process, granulation, drying and cryogenic grinding, are added to this vast range of products. Agrindustria aims mostly at niche products with all the care and seriousness of a “cottage industry”. And then the passion for the vegetable world is also an urge for research of new applications in the food we eat, in cosmetics, in the wellbeing of people, in looking after animals, in mechanics, in the production of alternative energy and in all fields where our raw vegetable materials can be employed. All our work is done with the necessary health authorisations, using cutting-edge machinery for grinding, granulometric separation, hygienisation using heat, drying, cryogenic grinding, pelleting process. Agrindustria takes advantage of renewable energy, produced thanks to a significant photovoltaic system. The company has invested in recent years, expanding the processing cycle and rendering it automatic (including customised packaging and integrated logistics) in order to respond quickly to market demands and guarantee customers, on the domestic market and abroad, an increasingly accurate and complete service. Agrindustria is a solid company, well established in this particular market and with good potentials for future growth: its strength lies in the attention it pays to the production processes and to the specific applications of the raw vegetable materials in all the various sectors, always with respect for what nature teaches us and gives us to use.