AgriBiochar is obtained from the thermal dissociation of virgin wood thermal in the absence of oxygen.The result is a fertilizer that stores CO2 for centuries, that enriches carbon soils, hydro absorbs slowly to afterwards release the water required by the plant. This biomaterial was already used by pre-Colombian civilizations to fertilize the soils. The agribiochar can be distributed in open fields and in protected agriculture, intensive cropping, horticulture, floriculture, fruit, etc …


– Porous

– Acidity regulator

– Carbon bearer

– Black


– Agriculture: adding 10-30 ton/ha to agricultural soils increases their productivity by 15-25%;

– Green Construction : Used for stucco with insulating properties and in other plaster elements;

– Industry: Additive for fertilizer, acidity regulator of soils and ingredient for the water absorbent pelletized materials.