Vegetable litter

Vegetable litter

Product made from husking the ears of corn: the cob is ground to have the grain-size wanted by the user and is then sieved to eliminate the dust, light parts and impurities. The absorbing granules are used on the bottom of cages as litter for birds, hamsters, rodents and reptiles that can enjoy “warm” and completely natural litter.

This litter is natural, biodegradable, ecological and warm. Natural because it is made only with vegetable fibres; it contains no mineral or chemical substances and is absolutely harmless for man and animals. Biodegradable because, being made only with natural substances, it leaves no residues and can even be used after it is finished with as fertiliser for the garden or house plants. Ecological because it respects the environment, it does not pollute and is renewable. Warm because, being made with wood and cellulose fibres that trap the heat, the animal enjoys a comfortable sensation (mineral type litters instead are colder, heavier and dusty).

This litter also boasts a good absorption level and, therefore, the animal is always on a dry and cosy surface. Lastly, disposing of this litter is simple as it is a biodegradable.

Grain size can vary from 3 to 5 mm. Packaging types: 10 l Natural, 10 l Citrus, 6 l Natural, 6 l Citrus or in 20-25 kg bags. On request we can also make litters with different fragrances.