Vegetable granules for vibratory finishing, polishing, sandblast

Vegetable granules for vibratory finishing, polishing, sandblast

Products made from different annually renewable raw materials (hazelnuts, almonds, corn cobs, etc.): these fibrous materials are ground to the grain size wanted by the user and are used for sand blasting, deburring and polishing as well as additives in many industrial production processes for machining metals, animal feed and restoration work.

Soft sandblasting: Removal of carbon residues and encrustations on metal parts of engines, reactors, metal dies for foundries, moulds for rubber and plastic materials; it does not corrode the metal so it does not alter the dimensions, finishes or edges of the parts. Removal of unwanted parts on valuable wood beams, statues, monuments, tombs, works of art. Softener for processings in the tannery, fabric and leather industries.

Deburring objects: the granules coated with abrasive pastes are used widely in vibro-finishes and barreling in various sectors: metal and alloy, plastic material, spectacles, silverware and goldsmithery industries.

Fillers and additives (mixed with resins): For foundry models and for industries that manufacture resins, sealants and adhesives.

Zootechny and supplements: Fibrous support for chemical-pharmaceutical industries that manufacture supplements for zootechny: the granules can be coated with active substances, allowing the user to obtain powder-free granular medicinal products.

Organic Mix for fertilizers and agrochemicals: The granules, as absorbents, may incorporate nutrients and healing principles for different types of agrarian crops.